Friday, July 17, 2009

Fayette: Kimbo in "Drop Dead Diva"

There’s a new show coming to Lifetime TV called “Drop Dead Diva”. They shot parts of it at Starr’s Mill High School in Peachtree City. Fayette's own Kimbo Daniel was an extra and will be in episode # 7 (or whichever one is at the High School Reunion).

The show started July 12th.

Watch for Kimbo, she'll be dancing, walking, sitting and/or standing at tables - no speaking part. She's wearing a teal/aqua blue green wrap around her shoulders over a black top & skirt and has a bright medallion teal/aqua blue green necklace on.

GASnippets note: Very cool Kimbo!

Kimbo Daniel is a professional artist / designer and owns Kimbo's Frame & Design at 415 S. Glynn St., Fayetteville, GA 30214. Check out her website:

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