Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing the Generator for the Storm

We have been most fortunate over the past several years as Georgia has not seen an ice storm of any magnitude.  All this could and will most likely change on Sunday night.

In the event you haven't dug out the old generator during these times of great winter weather, please do so today.  It's a great sunny day and now is the time to see if it works.  You may need to clean up the spark plug, check the oil and gas, and have plenty of time to tweak the all the parts.  It's best to do it now rather than in the middle of the storm!

Be sure to have plenty of gasoline available for refilling the generator in the event you lose power.

Stay safe during the storm.

The Georgia Front Page staff

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Georgia High in Influenza

According to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi are experiencing large widespread outbreaks of influenza.

Take precautions and stay home if you are sick!

Start the new year off right--get a flu shot.  Many pharmacies are running specials with low cost vaccines.