Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Teacher Furloughs in the Works?

Teachers have contacted the Georgia Front Page to say there is a rumor Georgia will soon ask teachers to take three more furlough days this school year. If this is true, that will mean six days total. The teachers we have spoken to have indicated their furloughed pre-planning days just means they work for no pay as teachers must prepare their classrooms for upcoming parent visits.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pano's and Paul's Closed? OK Cafe tidbit...

I went to dinner at the OK Cafe yesterday and was surprised, shocked, to see that Pano's and Paul's was gone... It's one of my favorite "very nice" places to eat.

I hated to think that the economy had taken down such a great restaurant.

Did a quick search this morning to see when it closed and was happy to find that it's only a temporary closing. They are moving to St. Regis Atlanta and will re-open later this year.

Here's a link if you'd like to keep up with the move and check out some of the other excellent restaurants in the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group (been to almost all in the group and can highly recommend them):

Quick note on the OK Cafe --- another of my favorite places! Excellent food, reasonable prices, great service. It's an eclectic menu with plenty of fresh-cooked veggies, sandwiches of all sorts (love the egg salad), outstanding crab and crawfish cakes, etc., etc. Extra healthy food all the way to the sinful real milkshake and yummy desserts.

Found out yesterday that they were named after the OK Cafe in To Kill a Mockingbird. I've been eating there since forever, never knew that little tidbit. They opened in 1987. They're on Paces Ferry & Northside, north Atlanta off I-75.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Governor Asks for More State Budget Cuts

The Georgia Front Page has confirmed that the Governor has asked for more budget cuts due to the economy. Teachers will be asked to take three days of furlough time over the next school year. His hope is the days will be staff days so the children will not lose any instructional time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teachers Get Time Off, Thanks to GA

The word on the street is Georgia's teachers will soon be experiencing three day furloughs. We don't know the details yet nor has the Department of Education sent us any information on this. We'll stay on it and let you know if and when we hear the official word.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Recall of Commissioner Horgan Heats Up

A Fayette County group has formed to recall Commissioner Robert Horgan.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Interesting story re: GA mental health care costs...

Ga. hotline aims to cut mental health costs

Even as the recession chips away at mental health services across the country, Georgia’s around-the-clock psychiatric hotline is finding a way to weather the storm — and other states are watching closely.

The Peach State’s Crisis and Access Line’s philosophy is simple: By making it easier and faster for patients to get the psychiatric care they need, states can address problems before they potentially lead to expensive hospitalizations and even incarcerations.

Fayette: Kimbo in "Drop Dead Diva"

There’s a new show coming to Lifetime TV called “Drop Dead Diva”. They shot parts of it at Starr’s Mill High School in Peachtree City. Fayette's own Kimbo Daniel was an extra and will be in episode # 7 (or whichever one is at the High School Reunion).

The show started July 12th.

Watch for Kimbo, she'll be dancing, walking, sitting and/or standing at tables - no speaking part. She's wearing a teal/aqua blue green wrap around her shoulders over a black top & skirt and has a bright medallion teal/aqua blue green necklace on.

GASnippets note: Very cool Kimbo!

Kimbo Daniel is a professional artist / designer and owns Kimbo's Frame & Design at 415 S. Glynn St., Fayetteville, GA 30214. Check out her website: